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Here at City Dermatology Clinic, we strive to make our patients feel comfortable. The calm atmosphere in our medical centre within the heart of London ensures that every patient has their needs tended to, their questions fully answered, and all options spelled out clearly. Our private surgeons and consultant dermatologists take the time to go above and beyond what patients expect.

Our Clinic

Our skin clinic offers a range of services to patients with concerns regarding their skin lesions and other conditions. Our fully GMC-registered surgeons and consultant dermatologists have both the knowledge and skills necessary to diagnose and treat any skin issue.

Whether patients are hoping to have a cosmetic treatment or to treat a condition, our staff will provide you with the best possible treatment available. We understand that treating conditions such as hair loss, skin tags, warts, acne or psoriasis can be a source of embarrassment for some of our patients and will do whatever possible to make them feel comfortable.

Our Staff

Our London clinic is brimming with friendly, trained staff who help to ensure that patients’ needs are not only met, but truly exceeded. We welcome patients who are adults and teenagers to have their skin health care needs met at City Dermatology Clinic. Our onsite surgical department, located in the heart of London, offers a personal service to our clients looking for an effective surgical solution within easy reach of major transport links.

Why choose our speciality clinic?

Our surgeons work for world leading, prestigious teaching hospital trusts, such as Imperial College and UCL. As plastic surgeons, they’ve trained in scar minimisation techniques, so not only will you have an effective removal, you’ll also have the best possible cosmetic outcome.

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Mon-Fri (8am-8pm)

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About us

Harley Street Dermatology Clinic

skin care

Our top consultant doctors and surgeons have successfully performed 10,000+ procedures.

aftercare included

All dressings and plasters required are included at no extra charge, including antibiotics and a special scar prevention gel where needed.

"No Hidden Costs”
pricing policy

Our pricing is ALL inclusive and final, with no hidden charges, and is inclusive of VAT. All necessary aftercare, including creams, bandages, gels, and antibiotics are provided to you in-house at no extra charge.

"See-and-Treat" service

This means you can have your consultation and treatment/procedure at the same time.


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