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What is a Skin Tag

A skin tag is a small, loose patch of skin that hangs from the body, usually, the tag will have a peduncle, or stalk. Skin tags can appear anywhere on the body, but are most common in areas where clothes or other skin contact occurs such as armpits, underneath the breast area, the groin area and around the neck.

Skin tags are fairly common and typically appear after midlife; they begin small and flat like a pinhead bump but frequently develop wider and can range in diameter from 2 mm to 1 cm, with a small percentage of large skin tags growing to 5 cm.

What causes Skin Tags?

Skin tags, also known as Acrochordons develop when the body creates additional cells in the outermost layers of the skin. They frequently occur in skin folds and places where the excess skin rubs up against itself naturally during movement.

Skin Tag Removal in London

At City Dermatology Clinic, we offer 2 types of skin tag removal treatments.

Cryotherapy Removal

During this procedure, liquid nitrogen, a gas that creates freezing temperatures, is applied to the area in order to freeze the skin tag, this is a similar treatment used in wart removal.

The skin tag’s cells are killed by the freezing temperature, which also stops the area’s blood supply, leading the skin tag to slip off on its own. In some circumstances, discomfort and brief skin discolouration may happen, and if the skin tag doesn’t break out, more treatment may be needed.

Surgical Removal (Excision)

This minor surgical procedure is done with a local anaesthetic and so there is no discomfort involved. After the skin tag has been totally removed, you will be left with a small scab, allow the scab to fall off on its own without picking. This will result in the best possible cosmetic outcome.


Amazing Reviews for Our Doctors

During the pre and post-operation consultation, Mr. Din was very supportive, extremely competent, and friendly. I am very happy about the results of my surgery, and I would highly recommend Mr. Din and his amazing team.

18 Jan 2023

From start to finish an over all satisfying experience. DR was informative, accommodating and comforting. Process was smooth and successful. Thank you

18 Jan 2023

I found him as well mannered, listened to my reasons for seeing him, explained clearly his line of treatment, gave me enough time and managed my treatment in an excellent way; will always recommend him to others.

26 Sep 2022


Cost of Skin Tag Removal

Doctor consultation is £100. We allocate enough time should you wish to have the procedure done straight after the consultation. Please note that all prices are dependent upon the size and location and are subject to a consultation.


  • Skin Tags Removal £195
  • Skin Tags Removal - additional £50
  • Facial Skin Tag Removal £245

Contact us or request a callback for more accurate pricing for larger skin tags or if multiple skin tags require removal.


A free follow-up following the procedure just to check and make sure everything has healed up nicely. All dressings required will be provided and advice is given on when to change them.

If there’s something you’re not sure about following the procedure, you can always come back to be seen by a doctor at no additional charge. Alternatively, if safe to do so your doctor can provide remote advice regarding the healing stage.

Removal of stitches service (if not dissolvable stitches). For biopsy results, you’ll be contacted by the team and the report will be sent to you as soon as we receive it. A GP letter is available should you request one.


How prevalent are skin tags?

Skin tags are relatively common and occur in every 1-2 adults in their midlife. They form as a small and flat pinhead bump but can grow wider from 2 mm-1 cm in range, some growing up to 5 cm.

How long does a skin tag removal procedure take?

While we offer two types of skin tag removal at City Dermatology Clinic, both take around 30 minutes at maximum based on the amount and size of the skin tag. If your schedule allows, we can also remove it on the same day of your consultation.

Is the removal of a skin tag painful?

Our proficient dermatologists and plastic surgeons use either local anaesthetic or liquid nitrogen to ensure the procedure is effective and effortless. With over 10 years of experience performing skin tag removals, our procedures are painless.

How long does it take to heal from skin tag removal?

A dot scab will form, do not pick it and it should fall off on it’s own in one week’s one, giving a great cosmetic outcome. You’ll receive a free follow up from one of our in-house cosmetic doctors to ensure the area has healed properly.

What does skin look like after the removal of a skin tag?

When you have your skin tag removed by one of our cosmetic doctors, you can expect to see temporary dot/mark around the area, which will slowly fade with time.

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