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Our highly experienced team of dermatologists and skin surgeons have performed thousands of minor surgery cyst removals throughout their careers. This includes simple to complex procedures, both large and small cyst removals and in difficult areas of the body. This makes us the top choice for patients looking for cyst removal in London.

Types of Cysts

There are many different kinds of cysts which can appear in any part of the body including:

Sebaceous Cyst

Most common, a closed sac found under the skin.

Pilar Cyst

Keratin-filled cyst (this originates from the outer hair root sheath).

Epidermoid Cyst

Usually harmless, and slow-growing bump under the skin.

Cyst Removal Surgery in London

The only way to effectively remove a cyst is through a surgical removal method. The use of oral medication or creams is both an ineffective and inappropriate way of removing a cyst.

We perform a full excision removal which means the cyst is cut out via a small incision and removed whole.

Our surgical removal procedure is the most effective method for removal. The shave or laser methods performed in other places are not effective. Unlike other the removal of other skin lesions, such as skin tags or moles, having your cyst removed will always involve the cutting of the skin which will ultimately leave a mark. This mark will fade with time and this is why it’s important to have this procedure done by a specialist.

Therefore, we are very transparent and inform patients of all our methods used for removing a cyst prior to booking so potential patients can make an informed decision when choosing us at City Dermatology Clinic.

Cyst Removal Procedure

We prefer these procedures to be performed by a trained skin surgeon or dermatologist, rather than a GP or Junior Doctor practitioner as many other clinics often employ, this is because we wish to provide all customers choosing us a premium and unrivalled service. Also, some clinics employ methods which involve bursting the cyst wall and squeezing its contents out of the skin. These methods often lead to a higher chance of recurrence. Our method involves removing the entire cyst lump intact which ultimately reduces the risk of infection as well as spreading the cyst content.

As a result of this, we’re proud to say that we have one of the lowest recurrence rates due to these specialist techniques.

This coupled with the scar minimisation techniques, will ensure you receive the best possible cosmetic outcome and medical care. Ultimately, cysts can recur so it is important to choose the right clinic and right method for removal to avoid disappointment later and to reduce the chances of recurrence and thus having to return for a further procedure.


Amazing Reviews for Our Doctors

During the pre and post-operation consultation, Mr. Din was very supportive, extremely competent, and friendly. I am very happy about the results of my surgery, and I would highly recommend Mr. Din and his amazing team.

18 Jan 2023

From start to finish an over all satisfying experience. DR was informative, accommodating and comforting. Process was smooth and successful. Thank you

18 Jan 2023

I found him as well mannered, listened to my reasons for seeing him, explained clearly his line of treatment, gave me enough time and managed my treatment in an excellent way; will always recommend him to others.

26 Sep 2022


Cost of Cyst Removal

Doctor consultation is £100. We allocate enough time should you wish to have the procedure done straight after the consultation. Please note that all prices are dependent upon the size and location and are subject to a consultation.


  • Cyst Removal £295
  • Cyst Removal - additional Discounted


A free follow-up following the procedure just to check and make sure everything has healed up nicely. All dressings required will be provided and advice is given on when to change them.

If there’s something you’re not sure about following the procedure, you can always come back to be seen by a doctor at no additional charge. Alternatively, if safe to do so your doctor can provide remote advice regarding the healing stage.

Removal of stitches service (if not dissolvable stitches). For biopsy results, you’ll be contacted by the team and the report will be sent to you as soon as we receive it. A GP letter is available should you request one.


What is a cyst?

Cysts are often harmless, small growing bumps that appear under your skin. Three types of cyst can occur: a sebaceous cyst (appearing on any part of your body), a pilar cyst (most common, a closed sac under your skin) and an epidermoid cyst (keratin-filled cyst coming from your outer hair root sheath).

How prevalent are cysts?

Cysts are highly common and are likely to occur due to infection, clogged sebaceous glands on your skin or around a foreign body (piercing). Most cysts are non-cancerous and can appear anywhere on your body.

How long does a cyst removal procedure take?

A cyst removal is a swift procedure lasting no longer than 40 minutes. If you have a cyst, you can have it efficiently removed by one of our skilled surgeons on the same day (if you wish).

Is the removal of a cyst painful?

Upon injection of a local anaesthetic, you’ll only feel a small pinch of discomfort for the entire removal procedure. Once that’s administered, the procedure is relatively painless due to our skilled hands and specialist techniques.

How long does it take to heal from cyst removal?

As we only use trained, skilled surgeons to remove a cyst, as opposed to GPs or junior doctors, and remove the entire cyst, depending on where it is located on the body you should back to your day to day routine almost straight away. Doctor will advise you individually with regards to workout and exercise in the early days.

What does skin look like after the removal of a cyst?

Following a cyst removal, you might be subject to slight discomfort around the area of your cyst and a bit of swelling. This will slowly subside across the days following the procedure, and eventually, the mark will heal completely.

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