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What is Lipoma?

Lipomas can appear in any part of the body. They appear as fat lumps under the skin, they can be unsightly, but if not removed can grow and create problems. They are usually benign fat-filled growths or tumours that have been there for years and refuse to go away.

On rare occasions, however, they can change into cancers, and therefore it’s important to see a doctor who can examine it and advise if it looks suspicious or not. If it is suspicious, we would recommend sending it to the labs and this is something we can do for you in the clinic.
Your lipoma removal would be carried out by a specialist UK-certified doctor who has successfully completed several hundred lipoma removal procedures.

Our highly experienced UK-accredited Lipoma removal doctors are able to remove your lipoma with minimal scarring and discomfort.


Amazing Reviews for Our Doctors

During the pre and post-operation consultation, Mr. Din was very supportive, extremely competent, and friendly. I am very happy about the results of my surgery, and I would highly recommend Mr. Din and his amazing team.

18 Jan 2023

From start to finish an over all satisfying experience. DR was informative, accommodating and comforting. Process was smooth and successful. Thank you

18 Jan 2023

I found him as well mannered, listened to my reasons for seeing him, explained clearly his line of treatment, gave me enough time and managed my treatment in an excellent way; will always recommend him to others.

26 Sep 2022


Cost of Lipoma Removal

Doctor consultation is £100. We allocate enough time should you wish to have the procedure done straight after the consultation. Please note that all prices are dependent upon the size and location and are subject to a consultation.


  • Lipoma Removal £295
  • Lipoma Removal - additional Discounted


A free follow-up following the procedure just to check and make sure everything has healed up nicely. All dressings required will be provided and advice is given on when to change them.

If there’s something you’re not sure about following the procedure, you can always come back to be seen by a doctor at no additional charge. Alternatively, if safe to do so your doctor can provide remote advice regarding the healing stage.

Removal of stitches service (if not dissolvable stitches). For biopsy results, you’ll be contacted by the team and the report will be sent to you as soon as we receive it. A GP letter is available should you request one.


How prevalent are lipoma?

Lipoma is a benign slow, growing fatty lump that occurs in every 1 of 1000 people. They can develop at any age; however, they are most common between the age of 40-60 and are often found more in women.

How long does a lipoma removal procedure take?

While we can provide a lipoma removal on the same day of consultation, the removal usually takes 30-60 minutes. Our highly experienced dermatologists have been conducting this removal for at least 10 years, making it a swift and pain free procedure.

Is the removal of a lipoma painful?

As our removals are carried out by an experienced dermatologist or plastic surgeon using local anaesthetic, it’s likely you won’t experience any pain. If you’re to feel anything, it’s likely a bit of pressure or a pushing sensation of the surrounding area of your lipoma.

How long does it take to heal from lipoma removal?

Often, the stitched wound from a lipoma removal takes around a week to heal. During the healing period, you should not do anything strenuous and avoid heavy exercise. We provide a free follow up to ensure the area has healed.

What does skin look like after the removal of a lipoma?

Following a lipoma removal, your skin will heal with minimal scarring. There could be a little bit of bruising, and your skin may be slightly raised after surgery; however, it will subside over time.

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